What is MAG SEALED ?
(Magnet oil shield)

What is Magnet oil ?

Waterproofing test

The revolution of durability
DAIWA succeeded in development of zero friction waterproofing in 2010.
The magnetic fluid which NASA developed became the key point.
Although the material is a liquid, it reacts to magnetism.
The magnet oil shield was developed using the character of this very unique material.

The 44th year of innovative design
The Spinning reel of 44 years ago was an IN - SPOOL TYPE.
DAIWA changed it into the OUT-SPOOL TYPE.
Now, it is a standard design.

And since MAG SEALED was carried, the rotor design innovative for the first time in 44 years was realized.
DAIWA succeeded in 15% of weight saving, maintaining the strength of a rotor.