All DHL parcels need the actions below to pass the custom.

1. Recipients have to submit KYC to the DHL office in India.
2. Your parcel will not go through the custom house without the KYC and POA.

Please contact to the DHL office in India.
1800-111-345 or 1800-209-1345
It is toll-free dial.

For individual
You need to submit KYC and pass port, Voter ID, Driver's license, PAN and POA.

For company
Company's IEC, KYC and POA.


To ship your parcel by DHL, we need your information below.

If you are a company, please provide your company VAT number(Value Added Tax Number).
If you are an individual customer, please provide your HS code(ID Code). It is 6 figures.
(Case of a foreigner / Passport Number)

We can ship your parcel as soon as we get the information from you.


In addition, we can ship goods only to the company address in Russia, when using DHL.
Do you have a company address which you can receive your goods in Russia ?