Size Package
Shipping Cost
Zone 1
Zone 2
North America, Oceania
Zone 3
Middle East
Zone 4
Other Country
60 Size 60cm
2,050YEN 2,750YEN 3,200YEN 6,300YEN
80 Size 80cm
3,450YEN 4,650YEN 5,350YEN 14,400YEN
100 Size 100cm
6,450YEN 8,850YEN 10,150YEN 24,700YEN
120 Size 120cm
10,950YEN 15,050YEN 16,450YEN 34,100YEN
140 Size 140cm
14,950YEN 20,550YEN 23,950YEN 43,600YEN
160 Size 160cm
18,950YEN 26,050YEN 30,450YEN 53,000YEN

Some countries are not included in each zone.
They are included in Zone 4
Some countries can't be shipped.
In case of some countries, they are required additional charge in addition to shipping charge.

Package Size = A+B+C cm
Net Weight