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By the China virus, delivery to some countries has restriction.
However, we will deliver by the best method to you.

The conditions accompanying delivery of each country
-Codice Fiscale (16 caratteri), necessario per lo sdoganamento della merce.

All dutiable shipments to Brazil require the consignee's Tax Identification number in order to clear customs.
If your consignee is a foreign visitor, their Passport Number will be required.

We need your VAT ID (El Impuesto al Valor Agregado)
It is the sequence of the following numbers. (12345678-9)

We need your TAX ID.
The Tax ID number is called RUC in Peru.

A) If you are an individual customer, we need TR ID.
B) If you are a company, we need VAT number.
C) If you are not Turkish but live in Turkey, we need your passport number.

South Korea
The code containing an individual customs-procedures code (PCCC) of 13 figures is required. Example :P 123456789012
*NOT Korean registration number

Please tell me your mobile phone number and INN number.

About shipping to Russia

EMS, e-Packet,Air Mail(international mail service delivery) deliveries to Russia have not been resumed yet.
There are 2 shipping methods for the parcels bound for Russia now.

*Your "INN code" is required.
*Your mobile-phone number is required.

1: FedEx / Cargo
Delivery time : 5days - 10days
Delivery cost : 2100YEN(0.5kg) - 4900YEN(5.0kg) Also can be deliver 5kg or more package.
Almost all fishing rods can be delivered.

---When delivering by FedEx, you have to consent to following points.---
Our company received a commission of export to Russia from FedEx .
But risk is not zero.
You and me have to accept the risk which the package may return
back to Japan after shipping by judgement from Russian customs .
You have to pay the returning cost at that time .
You may receive an announcement from Russian customs after
the package arrives to Russia .
You have to reply in 5 days.
Otherwise, it may return to Japan .

2: International parcel by ship/sea / International mail
Delivery time : about 2 months - 3 months.
Delivery cost : 1800YEN(1.0kg), 2350YEN(2.0kg), 2900YEN(3.0kg), 3450YEN(4.0kg), 4000YEN(5.0kg)
Max package weight : 20kg, Max package length : 1.05m