We started a new shipping method (Air mail plus).

We currently have three major shipping methods.
1)Air mail....No tracking / No insurance
2)e-packet....With tracking / With insurance just up to 6,000YEN
3)EMS....With tracking / With full insurance.

We decided to begin Airmail plus this time.
Here is the detail.

If you pay additional charge on the shipping cost of Airmail, we will add full insurance on your parcel. 
To add the insurance, you are supposed to pay 100JPY or 200JPY.
The orders less than 3,000YEN...100YEN
The orders between 3,000YEN and 8,000YEN...200YEN

Please note that Airmail plus does not have a tracking service.
If you need both insurance and tracking, please choose e-packet.

If your order is more than 8,000YEN, we will arrange EMS as your shipping method.

*Important notice*
1) If we once have any problems like stolen, damaged or lost parcels, we will never accept the customer to use Airmail plus anymore.
We will arrange the others methods as your shipping method from your next order.

2) Rods have just EMS or Cargo option. You cannot use the new shipping method for rods.

3) The max weight of the new shipping method is 2kg.

Here are the major shipping methods we have now.
1)Airmail (No tracking / No insurance)
2)Airmail plus (No tracking / With full insurance)
3)e-packet (With tracking / With insurance just up to 6,000YEN)
4)EMS(With tracking / With full insurance.)

Here is the detail of the shipping charges.